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Depois ao longo do curso tivemos a oportunidade de encontrar grandes professores e algumas personagens. E se voltasse ao passado, aos tempos de estudante, faria alguma coisa de diferente? Sim, teria feito Erasmus. Tenho a certeza que me teria aberto os olhos muito mais cedo para o resto do mundo. Muitos dos colegas que fizeram Erasmus nunca chegaram sequer a trabalhar em Portugal. Alumni, profissional, embaixador… que mais devemos saber sobre si? Ora bem. He is currently a Project Manager at WorleyParsons.

Can you tell us about your experience abroad and how did it happen? The opportunity to come to Qatar came through a headhunter on LinkedIn. They contacted me from UK looking for a Project Manager to be based in the Middle East, working for an Australian multinational consultant. It was a cheesy time because I was contacted at the same time for multiple opportunities in entirely different locations: Scotland, South Africa, and Qatar.

I remember one evening I prepared a comparative map in Excel to weigh the pros and cons of each opportunity. It seemed like I was deciding a subcontract award.

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Scotland was a safe choice. South Africa had both good and bad aspects. Qatar was completely unknown to me and I had many doubts. It was a place, which I had never thought to visit, even less to work. Coincidences of life, a friend who lives in New Zealand, knew an engineer who worked in Qatar and put us in touch.

Não queremos ser todos iguais, pois não?

After a Skype call with a thousand and one questions, I chose the destination that at first glance seemed the least likely — Qatar. A month later I was landing in Doha. How is the experience abroad? The experience is very positive.

We realize that there is much more World beyond Portugal, in terms of market and opportunities. We begin to value the most basic things. We learn much more about Portuguese Discoveries and how much of it crosses with the history of so many other countries worldwide. Second, it is a unique opportunity to interact with people and cultures from every corner of the world. However, if we have our direct family with us — wife and children — everything becomes much easier.

I would even say it is essential.

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For the kids, it has been a fantastic experience. They start to realize at a very early stage that the world is made up of very different people and this is what makes the world interesting.

Speaking multiple languages on a daily basis becomes a regular thing. My six-year-old son speaks Portuguese and English fluently, basic Arabic and knows some words in Finnish and Spanish. My two-year-old daughter understands Portuguese and English. This is something I value tremendously. A good part of our daily work is communicating, therefore speaking multiple languages is essential to communicate efficiently. The act of moving to a new country is always the most turbulent period.

We get out of our comfort zone, we receive a lot of information in a short time and we have to adapt very fast. But bear in mind that the most difficult move is mainly the first one, the first experience abroad. From there onwards, everything becomes easier. Did you go to other places after leaving FEUP? My international baptism was in Mozambique.

A Brazilian Promotion is Cause for Celebration - PortuguesePod

I lived in Maputo, where I went to open a branch office of the construction company I worked for. The reality was completely different. As someone stated once: it is an exotic place in every sense of the word. Fantastic food, some otherworldly cashew nuts, phenomenal beaches and a country with a brutal potential, with all the imaginable natural resources, but where, at the same time, many basic things were missing.

In Mozambique, I learned that effectively the need and the lack of resources sharpen the ingenuity. I became an expert on home repairs with scotch tape, fixing windows with scissors and sheets of paper, and changing car tires without a jack. I learned to value the security we have in Portugal. In Maputo, it was indifferent to have the car locked or not. The only things that they did not take from the trunk were bottles of water and the baby diapers, but they always left the door lock working perfectly.

My house was robbed and they took everything, including the hairdryer and the toaster. In the first months, driving in the city was a small adventure. Nevertheless, it was worth the effort because four months later no one else stopped me anymore. Mozambique was indeed a mix of feelings. At the end, the country left a lot of nostalgia and stories to tell.

How was the integration in both countries? What were the main challenges and differences between them? As mentioned, Mozambique and Qatar are two completely different realities. The integration in both was quite easy, because I was lucky to know people who presented me the location in the first weeks, and that gave me essential hints. Having a group of close friends in both places was also very helpful. Friends end up to be our second family when we are abroad.

In terms of family, the main challenges happened in Mozambique. Christmas tree. Synonyms Synonyms English for "Christmas tree":.

English Abies alba Abies amabilis amabilis fir Ceratopetalum gummiferum Christmas bush European silver fir fire tree flame tree Nuytsia floribunda Pacific silver fir red silver fir white fir. Similar translations Similar translations for "Christmas tree" in Portuguese. Christmas noun. Portuguese Natal. Context sentences Context sentences for "Christmas tree" in Portuguese These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.

English I agree with the comment that this is not a Christmas tree or wish list. English There was a Christmas tree. English We could put up a lovely Christmas tree , sing Christmas carols, and ask Mr Liikanen what happened to the sleigh he arrived here in. English But if you believe you're drinking expensive stuff, parts of the brain associated with pleasure and reward light up like a Christmas tree. English Immediately after the voting on Monday, I thought that perhaps the report had come to resemble a Christmas tree when a newly-married couple combine their Christmas traditions for the first time.

More by bab. English chosen one chough chow chow mein chow-chow chowder chrism christened christening christmas carol Christmas tree christmassy christmastide chromatic chromatic aberration chromatic scale chromaticity chromatin chromatism chromatography chrome More translations in the Arabic- English dictionary. Your feedback.