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The local farmers shot at the bear and believed they had injured it. Just over a week later the bear returned.

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The bear killed the baby with a bite to the head and after a struggle dragged the woman into the woods. Reports described the scene as resembling something out of a slaughter-house. Breaking in through a window the bear rampaged through the house killing four people including a pregnant woman and two children.

An armed group arrived whilst the bear was in the house, but such was the panic that the bear escaped into the woods again. The scene of carnage inside the house was unimaginable and it is said that many of villagers and guards fled in terror. Over the next few days and nights more armed men came into the village to hunt the bear down. The stomach contents of the bear left little doubt of what he had been eating. In the aftermath of the attacks a further victim died of his injuries.

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Wolves have had a reputation as being man-eaters since time began. They have feature in folk stories and fairy tales for centuries, and we all know what will happen if we go down to the woods… Well, not a lot these days as wolves have been persecuted pretty much out of existence everywhere except for the remotest spots. However, to some extent this reputation is a little undeserved; despite being formidable predators which hunt in packs the number of attacks on humans is lower than might be expected. This is partly because wolves are intelligent and have learnt that attacking humans brings very bad consequences.

There are therefore three types of wolf more likely to kill humans for food; those who have never encountered humans, those who have got too used to humans and rabid wolves. Theories range from dogs to a werewolf.

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There are numerous similar cases of wolf-like beasts terrorizing the peasantry of Europe in the Middle ages. However, not all of these man-eating wolf packs can be consigned to the history books. The cause is attributed to World War II with less men at home to hunt the wolves and less livestock on the farms which the wolves would eat.

These attacks all happened between and in southern India and were carried out by a pack of six wolves. The wolves were eventually all killed during various encounters.

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In fact it looks slightly comical with its crazy hair and funny walk. It is said that tigers will go out of their way to avoid them and rhinos have a pathological dislike of them. This is all for a good reason — sloth bears can be very nasty. With poor eyesight and not being able to run or climb their way out of danger the sloth bear will react to threats aggressively.

They are much smaller than brown bears, weighing in the region of lbs kg and feed almost exclusively on insects — termites in particular. To dig out termites sloth bears have developed enormous, sickle shaped claws and it is these which it uses to devastating effect when attacking. Firstly the fact the bear attacked and killed so many people. During , in the southern Indian state of Mysore, this one bear was alleged to have killed 12 people and seriously injured dozens more.

In addition some of the victims were said to have been part-eaten. This suggests a bear that was going out of its way to prey on humans. They can be pretty vicious and make a real mess with those scythe like claws and teeth. But the worst thing is they go for the face. It is no exaggeration to say sloth bears rip their victims faces off with eyes, lips and noses often lost in attacks.

And that is your regular sloth bear; in the case of the Mysore sloth bear we are talking about a bear with a vendetta. In terms of numbers I think the wolf should probably be ahead of the sloth bear.

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The hyena is not the most appealing of animals to look at and common opinion of them is they are cowardly scavengers. Ironically it has been observed that lions more commonly feed on kills made by hyenas than the other way round. Hyenas will eat most things and are effective pack hunters capable of taking on prey as big as an adult hippo. The spotted hyena is the largest, weighing in at up to lbs 90kg. Armed with incredibly powerful jaws, capable of crushing elephant bones, the hyena is more than a match for a human.

However, hyenas do live up to their cowardly reputation and are reported to generally run further away from humans than any other African carnivore. At night though, hyenas become somewhat bolder. Whilst relatively rare there are still many cases of hyena attacks on people. Most notorious of these was the Malawi terror beast. Believed by some to have been a rabid hyena, the terror beast was responsible for killing and eating three people and seriously injuring 16 more.

That animal had killed five and left 20 maimed. That we will never know, but one thing that is fact is that hyenas have done very well out of the corpses of war torn central Africa over the years. Whilst most of the animals on this list so far have pretty patch records as far as being man-eaters go this is definitely not the case with lions. These are the second biggest of all the cats and are fearsome killing machines.

Even today it is estimated that up to people are attacked every year by lions. Whilst this a pretty alarming figure by itself, there are cases where whole prides of lions seem to have developed a taste for human flesh. It is said that lions are much bolder and more aggressive than tigers when it comes to these cases.

Whilst their lack of stealth makes them easier to dispatch, the death tolls can be much higher whilst they are alive. During a pride of 15 lions unleashed a reign of terror over the town of Njombe killing anywhere between 1, and 2, people. It was a pair of rogue lions that seem to have captured the mass imagination though. The Tsavo lions of Kenya are perhaps the most famous of all man-eating lions and are believed to have killed as many as construction workers on the Kenya-Uganda Railway in just nine months of The infamous attacks have been made into several films, most notably The Ghost and the Darkness in The lions would attack the campsite of the Indian construction workers dragging them from their tents in the dead of night.

Fires and thorn fences were set up in order to deter the lions but to no avail. John Henry Patterson hunted down the two lions and shot them dead. The lions were large maneless males and one theory as to why they turned man eater is they had tooth decay, making it harder for them to catch their normal prey. It is likely that Patterson exaggerated the numbers with current estimates suggesting the lions would only be able to eat 35 humans in this period.

However, it is said that like other reports of man-eaters, the lions would kill even when not hungry. Crocodiles are one of the few animals that will use any opportunity to take humans as prey. One simple rule is, bigger they are, the more dangerous they are — anything over 6ft 2m is considered a threat to humans. Of all species, the undisputed heavyweight in terms of size is the saltwater crocodile of S. Asia and Australia.

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Reaching up to around 20ft 6. Estimates put the number of deaths attributed to Nile crocodiles at between and per year making them the number one cause of death involving wildlife in Africa. This is partly due to the fact Nile crocodiles often live in close proximity to humans, but it also has a lot to do with their enormous size and deadly jaws. But there is one individual crocodile in Africa that has been responsible for far more than its share of this body count.

A 20ft 6. Thought to be the largest Nile crocodile alive and possibly the oldest at an estimated 65 years Gustave has evaded death and capture on several occasions. There are several scars on his body to testify to this, including a bullet mark in the centre of his head.