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Felix, King Gauis, and Milo set sail for Krashian to speak with the emperor. Jonas after being near dead is healed by Olivia who agrees to join his rebel group. Lucia and Kyan are in search of a wheel to the sanctuary to kill Timotheus. Timotheus tries to convince Lucia not to help Kyan. Jonas, Cleo, and Magnus all agree to an alliance. Lucia and Kyan run into Jonas on his journey and Kyan recognizes Olivia as a watcher and ends up killing Lysandra.

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In Krashian, Amara and her grandmother are plotting against the emperor. King Gaius proposes that he and the emperor can share their kingdoms and the Kindred, the emperor agrees but King Gaius must marry Amara now. After married Amara kills her father and brothers. Felix joins a rebel alliance, Jonas and Nic are sent to Krashian to help Felix.

Cleo escapes and finds Magnus where they finally share their love for one another, but are found by the King Gaius. Gaius tries to kill Magnus and Cleo but falls off a cliff instead. Lucia and Kyan have a falling out, despite Lucia being pregnant and having her powers weakened she is able to defeat Kyan. Jonas and Nic are setting sail to Mytica when they are meet by a very alive Prince Ashur on the ship.

In the end Lucia learns that after Timotheus is death Kyans true plan to burn the entire world and start a new one, a perfect one where he would be the ruler. Then he would free his siblings from their cages. Lucia regrets not believing Timotheus warnings about helping Kyan and how he was evil.

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Lucia told him she would not help him any longer. He disappeared into a million pieces of blasting bright light. When Lucia woke she was in the Sanctuary. Meanwhile the King had Cleo on her knees at the side of a cliff and told Magnus he had to kill her, did not matter how he did it, but he had to in order to be pardoned.

This weapon held magic that could be wielded to shape the world however she wanted it. No conflict, no strife, no pain. Her decisions, her kingdom—all of it. Yes, this was her favorite dream—a shining gem in a deep, dark cave of nightmares.

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And she allowed herself to enjoy every moment of it. He was millennia old, but still had the face and body of a handsome man in his early twenties. He was standing only two paces away from her in the field of colorful flowers. Ok- so compared to other vampire books, I think she did great.

I loved this story, knowing Allison as a human and her struggles, living with the pain and guilt of loosing everything she ever had and wanted. I think that it is interesting that she chooses to become one of the things she hates so much and that she is fighting the urge to kill everything like the monsters she believes them to be. I loved this struggle and I think that Kagawa did a good job portraying it. I cannot wait to read more of this series! There is so much left to be said,so many questions and that is how a series should be, finish off one things and move to the next and hope that the first job you did comes back later to help you I really enjoyed this story.

Stephanie Top Reviewer 34 reviews. January 05, The Immortal Rules was It was cinematic and I'm sooooooo happy its been optioned for a movie!! Okay, okay. I need to calm down. Yes, The Immortal Rules was an exciting read. I was so intrigued by the idea that I couldn't even put the book down. I know vampires have been overused, but this was just so It's a social hierarchy among bloodsuckers that's not like anything I've read before.

I don't even like vampires and I adored this book. It's exciting and has a movie-like flow. There're unexpected twists in the plot that I would never have guessed and the humor in it is perfect. I loved how this was through a vampires point of view. Allie isn't the scared human girl that whines all the time and can't make up her mind. She's an amazing kick-butt heroine who puts others before her. She joins a group of humans heading towards Eden for safety and it's just amazing how she tried to keep herself in control.

But in the end, the Hunger always wins. The Immortal Rules is an action-packed thriller that promises great things for the series. It's an experience everyone should get to read about and I hope they do. I can't wait for the second one to come out! October 09, Updated: October 09, Okay, I'm a big enough girl to admit two things to you right now. One, I'm a book cover lover But honestly, I don't think that's a secret to anyone at this point. Although, after reading the story, Allie is Japanese so? This was probably the biggest reason I've waited so long to read it. Now, I could kick myself. Nevertheless, I've heard nothing but amazing things about her writing, so when this came out, my interest was definitely piqued.

I'm happy to say that it didn't disappoint either. This story is set in a world where a large amount of the human population was wiped out by a disease called Red Lung or turning into vampire-like creatures known as rabids.

With the vampires' food source dying off, they came out of hiding to offer a solution. They'd protect them from disease and being slaughtered from the rabids as well as providing them with food and shelter, if they became "registered" and freely offered their blood on a monthly basis.

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Most complied, and vampire cities sprang up all over. However, there were the few like our main character, Allie, who refused to become donor bloodbags and lived in the impoverished districts on the outside of the main city, but still within the protected outer wall. Life for the "Unregisters" was hard. They fought for food, shelter, and basically survival. Denying the vampires access to their blood meant they had to fend for themselves, and this is how the major plot device unfolds.

On a trip outside the wall in search for food, Allie and her friends are attacked by rabids, and when her unlikely hero, a vampire, offers her the chance to live, she becomes the one thing she hates the most. There were several aspects in this story that I truly appreciated. Even though Allie loathed the vampires and blamed them for her mother's death, when she was knocking at death's door, she chose to survive, even if that meant becoming "a monster.

I enjoyed Kagawa's writing of Allie, and how sometimes no matter how much you want want to behave in a certain manner, instinct and survival can inherently change a person. Accidentally or as a conscious, deliberate act. It is unavoidable. The question is not if it will happen, but when. I'm not really "in the know" about genetics and DNA, so for all I know, the author could have been filling my head full of crap, but it read like really good crap.

For instance, she goes into detail about why vampires couldn't go in the sunlight, and it wasn't because of some lame excuse like "because we sparkle and that's a dead giveaway that we're vampires. He likened it to a human disease called porphyria, where toxic substances in the skin caused it to blacken and rupture when exposed to ultraviolet sunlight. Caught outside with no shelter, the direct rays of the sun would burn our exposed skin until it did, eventually, catch fire. I loved Allie for her realistic approach to her life, and boy did this chick have some bite I'm not sure if I intended this pun or not, hmmm She was no pushover, she questioned everyone and everything, and when push came to shove, you can bet your behind she was pushing.

Kanin was the perfect sire, hard and unrelenting when he needed to be, but he also had a caring side about him that showed not all vampires were lost to the monster within. Lastly, the love interest, Zeke, and his traveling group, were all perfect in their own way.

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Zeke, particularly, was someone that I found myself drawn to because of his optimism and gentle nature in the darkest of times. My biggest complaint and the reason I couldn't give this the full five stars was because I felt like it was missing something. I'm not sure if it was because I wanted more time with Kanin and his training or more time with Zeke. Just when they finally allowed themselves to entertain the idea of a relationship, their time was cut short, and I was a little disappointed.

All in all, this was a great setup for a great second book, and maybe that was the overall problem. This read more like the beginning of a new series rather than a complete stand-alone.