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Shire of Sandstone

All that remains in Singapore is the fragment on display here, which is known as the Singapore Stone. Two other fragments were sent to the Calcutta Museum in , but their exact whereabouts are unknown.


The stone has been dated from the 10th to 14th centuries. Scholars have different views on the date and language of the script—the inscription is written in Kawi script and contains some Sanskrit words, but it has never been fully deciphered.

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The second example tells quite a different story. Individual grains in this sandstone are made up of older sedimentary and volcanic rock fragments, that we can identify as siltstone and basalt lava.

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Volcanic fragments like these are easily identified because the myriad, microscopic feldspar crystals within the grains are characteristic of once-flowing lava a previous post shows the same kind of texture in a basalt flow. We know from experiments and observations particularly in rivers that granular fragments like these are relatively soft compared with quartz; they do not survive as long when subjected to the rigours of river flow, breaking down into progressively smaller grains.

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When geologists identify grains in sandstone and other kinds of sedimentary rock , they are rewarded with data that allows them to make sensible interpretations about ancient landscapes, the rivers that flowed there, where ancient shorelines were located, and even ancient climates. If we are lucky, we will actually locate the candidates for the original source rocks, but not finding them is equally rewarding because we can now pose such questions as, were the original metamorphic rocks or basalt flows completely removed by erosion, or were these ancient parents moved to some other distant shore by tectonic forces?

Microscope identification of sandstone grains has the power to inform or refute many hypotheses of the ancient earth. There are still tales for the telling.

The mineralogy of sandstones: Quartz grains. The mineralogy of sandstones: Feldspar grains.

The mineralogy of sandstones: lithic fragments. Describing sedimentary rocks; some basics. Analysis of sediment grain size distributions. Some controls on grain size distributions. Grain size of clastic rocks and sediments.

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