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PublishDrive’s own self-publishing success story

We can also provide fulfillment services if necessary. Once complete, your manuscript will be registered with the United States copyright office. A great author photo is a powerful tool. We can recommend a professional photographer to take your headshot. If you already have excellent professional photos, we will happily use them instead. Our copywriting pros will craft an engaging author bio and book description to ensure your book is interesting and appealing to your ideal readers.

We can include up to 25 graphics in your manuscript, which you provide us. Additional graphics can be added for an extra cost. You will receive 50 free copies of your book to use as you like—for keepsakes, gifts, or promotional purposes. Our Author Marketing team will get on the phone with you and help you lay out a step-by-step marketing plan that will ensure you successfully launch your book and achieve your goals. Valid for manuscripts up to 50k words. Scribe can facilitate the creation and publication of an audiobook version of your book. The audiobook will be recorded by a voice actor at a professional studio and available for purchase on Audible.

Self Publishing Basics for the Copyright Page

We can work with you to create an end-to-end marketing campaign for your book, that will include publishing content, generating media attention, booking you on podcasts, managing ads, and organizing all the details to ensure your book reaches your target audience and positions you as the authority in your field. Full details upon request. Your manuscript will be get a complete overview with global structure and overall manuscript evaluation notes. Your editor will write a global memo detailing all problems or areas of concern, and will help you ensure the book is ready for publishing.

Furthermore, the Scribe Editor-in-Chief will review the manuscript to ensure it is of the highest quality, and make sure it is ready for publishing. You will then meet your Publishing Manager, who will be your main point of contact throughout all aspects of our process. What are your goals for your book? Who is your audience? What do you envision your book cover will look like? What type of interior layout would you like for your book? Your Publishing Manager will also make sure you have all the elements of a locked manuscript necessary to begin publishing:.

As an author, you should absolutely judge your book by its cover, because your audience will. Cover design starts with a call with our Creative Director, specifically to discuss your book cover. She will help you refine your thinking and get clear on a few ideas for your cover.

The designers will then develop a series of cover designs. These will be initial concepts so that we can understand your direction more clearly. We will schedule a phone call with you to review the designs and understand what you do and do not like about them. Once you love the front cover design, your publishing team will create the spine and back, which includes your book description, author biography, and author photo, if you like. Back covers and book descriptions matter! A good book description and author bio are powerful tools.

Our copywriting team will revise yours to maximize their marketing impact.

Please do not underestimate the importance of a great interior design. Your interior defines the reading experience for your audience. As with the cover design process, we welcome your feedback on the interior you envision.

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The 13 Most Common Self-Publishing Mistakes to Avoid

At this point, you will have already locked your content and your layout will be ready for final review. We will have a final review phone call where you sign off on everything before we move onto the next step of publishing and distribution. Our Author Marketing team will get on the phone with you and help determine the exact best way you can ensure your book gets in front of the readers you want.

We will help you lay out a step-by-step marketing plan that you can then execute. As part of this consult, we will also provide you with free access to the Scribe Marketing Course. This includes detailed instructions and templates to help you through every part of your book marketing, including generating media attention, leads, and raising your visibility with potential clients.

Your publishing team will work with you to determine your distribution goals and retail channels—whether you want to be exclusively on Amazon or available on as many international platforms as possible, they will provide the best options for you, handle all account and file creation, and upload your book in preparation for your launch.

Hal is our resident Editor in Chief, an award-winning journalist, and has published three books. You own the copyright and all print and reproduction rights. You can do anything you want with your book. We take absolutely no money from the sale of your book, and all accounts are set up in your name and under your ownership. Learn more about Design here. To inquire about author publishing services, please email us using our Contact form. The original blog post below was published in January when it was rumoured that CreateSpace was ending its author services. CreateSpace seems to be continuing this service for now.

Up until April , it was also a platform where authors could hire the self-publishing services needed to produce the book, such as editing, cover design and typesetting. Second, there are a lot of rumors and an absence of facts regarding the situation, so what we will attempt to do here is clarify the services that CreateSpace provides and how they fit in with what we do here at Design.

And as updates become available, we will pass them along to you. The services division will close in July The article says:. While there is no announcement on their home page that they will no longer provide self-publishing services, CreateSpace is advising authors via email that after April 20, , they will no longer fulfill any paid professional services, including any text or design changes to cover or interior files that have been completed.

Kindle Direct Publishing: How to Make Real Money on Amazon

Print books and eBooks currently available for sale on Amazon are not affected by this announcement. If you plan on uploading your prepared files i. If you have an editing, cover or interior layout design, or eBook conversion project underway with CreateSpace, they will continue to work with you until April 20, If the project cannot be completed by that time, CreateSpace will offer a refund for the full purchase price of any incomplete services, including the services that have started. There are many other service providers out there as well. Check out this listing on the ALLi website of trusted and not-so-trusted publishing service providers.

Indie publishing lets authors achieve a much greater earning potential and allows them to write whatever they want finding niche audiences with their books. Fantasy author Joseph Malik has been writing for decades before he turned to self-publishing. Read our whole interview with him here. While self-publishing is mostly present in the anglophone market, there are some authors who are able to be internationally successful. Romance writer Jean Joachim publishes translations of her books in Spanish and Italian.

Self-publishing made it possible for her to achieve international success without giving up her rights. Read our interview with her here. Self-publishing made it possible for non-fiction authors to aim big as well. PublishDrive author Kendall Harrison has shared her experience with us regarding writing cookbooks.

Read the whole article here. Read here about her experience. If you are a PublishDrive author who wishes to be included in this article, please contact Zsofia Macho. Many self-published authors got rather successful after they were turned down by a traditional publisher. Michael J. He wrote for ten years in a variety of genres, but no publisher was interested to publish his books, so he ended up quitting writing. A few years later he wrote a fantasy series and self-published it.

She self-published them all as ebooks selling more than a million copies. Ashwin Sanghi , the author of bestselling novels such as The Rozabal Line, has also turned to self-publishing after being rejected by dozens of publishers. Unwilling to give up on his dream, he decided to go to the self-publishing way, and the book is now a bestseller.

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And the list can continue with many more examples of authors becoming successful self-publishers. And they all have one thing in common: they are confident in their work and agree that indie-publishing is the future. In the following, we collected three writers who have become not only successful but also got quite wealthy after turning to self-publishing.

First, meet Amanda Hocking , a writer of paranormal fiction who started her writing career as an unknown author and has become a bestseller when deciding on self-publishing on Amazon Kindle.