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I told you I like you. She rotated her head enough to expose one eye. Had she really found a man who was as game for toys as she was? Daniel lowered himself to a sit. His eyes widened as he opened the flaps of the box, and Jennifer held back a laugh as he withdrew toy after toy from inside.

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This one he fondled before reaching back in. He removed the Black Rock, waving it around in the air with a raise of his eyebrows, and tingles ricocheted through her body.

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Daniel grasped the nipple clamps with both hands and splayed them in front of his face. He gave the rest of the contents a peek over. Then he looked to her, and something in his gaze made her tremble. He teased her with a quick exploration of her outer folds, and Jennifer moaned when he yanked his hand away. Suddenly, he stopped. What do you think?

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Jennifer gasped. Yes, please. She tried to stay calm as she listened to the sounds of him riffling through the box. She could feel his gaze over her, and his fully hardened cock now nudged her about an inch below her pussy. Daniel laid his hand over her mound. He circled his fingers over her trimmed curls, then dipped one of them between her folds to graze her opening. Daniel shoved his finger into her and she moaned.

None for me until you come. She already wanted to scream, and the slow glides of his finger while he blew hot air against her mound made for the sweetest torture. Before she could speak, he pressed the smooth, rounded head of one of her glass dildos against her. She nodded.

The Roadhouse - Erotic short story by Liv Wilde

He inched it farther and she recognised it instantly—the blue sapphire beauty, with ridges that rubbed along her walls in the most delightful of ways. Once the base struck her folds, Daniel jerked it back until only the tip remained inside her. Daniel obliged, repeating his movement a few times. Each time he glided the glass rod so that it banged hard against her depths, then drew it almost all the way out. Your breasts are so full, and your belly practically heaves with your breath. You know your thighs are shaking? He had to be a part of this.

Jennifer clenched around the glass as he pressed the vibrator against her swollen bud, using his other hand to wedge the toy still inside her. Daniel had picked her favourite vibe, too — the one that went from low to high with an easy flick of the wrist, its special jelly tip practically moulding to the shape of her clit.

He rubbed it over her, then began sliding the dildo in and back out. She heard the crinkle of a wrapper and she trembled, aching to feel him. Please, please. She did. Daniel hovered over her, the muscles of his arms flexing as he pumped the dildo and whisked over her swollen bead with the vibrator. He bit his lip as he manipulated her, his wrapped cock at full attention a few inches from her thigh. He drew the dildo from her pussy, the ripples of the glass shiny and slick with her wetness.

Once he tossed it aside he kept the vibe against her clit, flicking it back and forth and sliding his length closer to her opening. She writhed to meet him and Daniel continued to tease, taking light grazes with his crown to make her whimper. Jennifer clawed at his sides, trying to urge him forward, and he folded over her for a heavy kiss before positioning himself square with her cunt.

You may be a woman who likes the fantasy of being with four men at once. And so on. One thing my high school English teacher did tell me that I still believe today is that all literature is about sex. There are some damn good writers whose only desire is to continue writing erotica, and we need those people to keep doing it because there are a lot of readers who want it.

Just like there are a lot of readers who want high-quality sci-fi or horror or humor. Get yours. And if you want to be a professional fiction writer, you have to take your lessons wherever you can get them.

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So I dropped it and went full force into writing the Jessica Christ series, which was what had been on my heart and mind for a while. And would you believe it? On top of that, I was able to publish the first books of the series at lightning speed and for cheap I designed the covers and formatted them myself. And when the super dumb reviews came a-rolling in, I knew how to laugh them off. Just kidding.

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