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If your blood sugar drops you might feel tired, irritable and depressed. Eating regularly and choosing foods that release energy slowly will help to keep your sugar levels steady. Slow-release energy foods include: pasta, rice, oats, wholegrain bread and cereals, nuts and seeds. I made a decision that I was going to [ I gave up red meat and try to eat no sugar [and drink] hardly any alcohol. You might also start to feel constipated which puts no one in a good mood. Sometimes your gut can reflect how you are feeling emotionally.

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If you're stressed or anxious this can make your gut slow down or speed up. For healthy digestion you need to have plenty of fibre, fluid and exercise regularly. Healthy gut foods include: fruits, vegetables and wholegrains, beans, pulses, live yoghurt and other probiotics.

Caffeine is a stimulant, which means it will give you a quick burst of energy, but then may make you feel anxious and depressed, disturb your sleep especially if you have it before bed , or give you withdrawal symptoms if you stop suddenly.

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  • Vegetables and fruit contain a lot of the minerals, vitamins and fibre we need to keep us physically and mentally healthy. Protein contains amino acids, which make up the chemicals your brain needs to regulate your thoughts and feelings. It also helps keep you feeling fuller for longer. Protein is in: lean meat, fish, eggs, cheese, legumes peas, beans and lentils , soya products, nuts and seeds. Your brain needs fatty acids such as omega-3 and -6 to keep it working well.

    Healthy fats are found in: oily fish, poultry, nuts especially walnuts and almonds , olive and sunflower oils, seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin , avocados, milk, yoghurt, cheese and eggs. Before prescribing you any medication, your doctor should fully explain any possible risks or side effects, so you can make an informed decision.

    If you are currently taking medication and are unsure or worried about what foods and drinks to avoid, it might help to speak to you GP or ask at your local pharmacy. For more information how to avoid interactions between food, drink and medication, see the American Food and Drug Administration information on drug and food interactions.

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    • For more information about healthy eating and how food can affect your mood, visit the British Dietetic Association website to read their range of food fact sheets. This information was published in December — to be revised in References are available on request. Find us on Facebook and Twitter. But if you were a ribs restaurant, that might actually be a good idea. The details tell the story! You could use this as an opportunity to attract another customer. Yes, perhaps in their eyes the food was simple, but you aim to do wholesome, food for the soul. If you have one or two dishes that always score big with customers, have a staff member outside the restaurant offering bite-sized samples to passersby.

      Those smart people who make cell phones figured out how to tell where a person is when they search from something on their phone. So once a week, stop into a local business with a platter of some of your specialties. These days, there is a clear industry shift towards quality.


      You might remember when cronuts half donut, half croissant hit Instagram and became an obsession with many a sweet-toothed foodie. Is there a dish you could create in-house that could really get people talking? Sit down with your chef and see what you can come up to make a splash on social media.

      Brain Food Recipes For Success For School Sports And Life

      Well why not offer exclusive deals to different groups of people? It could be just for retired people, Instagram followers, or local volunteers. Make your customers feel cared for in your restaurant promotions, and they will pay you back with full cash registers. Instead of just saying how much your steak fillet weighs, tell them how it will make them feel , after it melts in their mouth and leaves them feeling full, content and at peace with the world. Talk to a local signwriter and see what they can come up with to reinvigorate your street frontage, and get a fresh batch of customers through your doors.

      It can be a great way to pair dishes with wines, and other components to complete a dining experience. Diners will scan through your menu in less than 2 minutes. We suggest starting by decluttering your menu, limiting it to 7 options per category, and adding images of only your most profitable dishes. The hardest part is getting started, so commit to one idea and get the ball rolling. If so, enter your email below for free access to the insane case study.

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      We help restaurants get new customers. Our work has helped thousands of restaurants across the United States thrive. We love helping restaurant owners, who we believe are heroes in their communities, succeed. You may have seen us in Forbes, Entrepreneur, or top restaurant trade magazines.

      Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Blog Post. Restaurant Marketing. Go Viral This one is for the adventurous only! Connect with Other Restaurants We hear you — why on earth would you link up with another restaurant? Let Your Customers Peek Behind the Curtain You may see your restaurant as just a normal business, but to a diner, there is always a little bit of intrigue about what happens behind the scenes. No doubt a cheeky way to increase profits! Look at you, saving the environment, and increasing profits at the same time!

      Four Ways Schools Can Support the Whole Child

      Be Interactive with Your Customers This is all about being interactive with your customers in an ever-competitive dining market. Also Yes. This is a real demonstration of going all in on your brand and embracing everything about it. These pictures trigger powerful reward centers in your brain and encourage impulse purchasing. Talk to Your Customers Of course you talk to your customers, right?

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      Have a Delivery Partner Work for You For better or worse, online delivery companies are here to stay, so you should make it work for you. Place Pics of Your Expensive Items on Your Menu They say a picture paints a thousand words, and it sure will sell an expensive dish better than just a price tag. Hire a Guest Chef Chances are you probably know a few good chefs around town. Bonus points if you can get a chef that already has exposure online. Make Your Customers Famous on Instagram People love a bit of digital validation, so why not give it to them on Instagram, by making them famous for a day?

      Hey, you could even dig up that first photo you took of you outside your restaurant. Have Your Customers Promote for You on Instagram We live in odd times, where some people enjoy taking photos of their food — perhaps even more than eating it. Be Involved in Your Community So you know those schools, sports teams and clubs you drive past every day? Just Ask!


      If you need an online review, or if you want to know what a customer really thinks, just ask! Hire a Micro-influencer A micro-what? Go through your social media and see who is commenting. Be on Top of Google Searches When someone searches for something on Google, the first five results receive Join Your Chamber of Commerce This one is all about becoming a part of the fabric of your community, and in turn, being the favored restaurant in your area.