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Nosotros deseamos 3. Eva desea. With a partner, decide what the peo- ple are saying according to what you see in the pictures. Estela 4. Roberto 5. Then, in groups of three, discuss the result of the survey. En estas situaciones With 2 or more classmates, act out the following situations in Spanish. You are at a restaurant. You are very hungry and tell the waiter to bring you soup, salad, a main course, wine, dessert, and coffee.

Two friends have dropped by unexpectedly.

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The only drinks you have on hand to offer are mineral 3. You and a friend have just finished dinner at a restaurant. You volunteer to pay the bill and suggest that your friend leave the tip.

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Someone asks you the time. Divide the rest of the students into groups of two or three. The class should be set up to resemble a restaurant. The customers will then ask for the bill and discuss how to pay it. Copies of this menu from Restaurante Don Pepe should be made in advance. Say what kind of juice everyone wants: You and a friend want orange juice, another friend wants tomato juice, and two others want grapefruit juice.

En seguida regreso. El pescado y los mariscos son la especialidad de la casa. Cordero asado con papas al horno Chuletas de cerdo con papas fritas y vegetales con salsa de queso. Pastel de coco Es muy sabroso. While listening to the dialogue, circle V verdadero if the statement is true and F falso if it is false.

Nora desea comer pescado. Here is the menu. It is presented in Lesson 3. Notice the use of a comma, rather than a decimal point. This lingering at the table after lunch or dinner is called hacer la sobremesa. With a partner, take turns asking each other whether you like certain foods. What for? La especialidad de la casa es pescado. Give the Spanish equivalent of the words in parentheses.

Ellos conversan con 9. Fecha With a partner, answer the following questions according to what you see in the pictures.

Sara 1. Jorge Ana Lola Rosa 1. You are hosting an anniversary party for your parents. You offer a guest two different desserts, ask- ing if he or she likes each one of them. After offering a selection of beverages, you propose a toast and wish your parents a happy anniversary. Tell customers to follow you and give them a menu. You are dining at a restaurant. You and a classmate have decided to go out to dinner tonight. Read the following ad and, with a partner, take turns answering the following questions. Each group will prepare a lunch and dinner menu including dessert and drinks for a different day of the week.

A member of each group will read the menus aloud. No, de papas. No, no me gusta el pescado.

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No, no me gusta la comida italiana. No, como guiso.

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No, no me gusta la comida alemana. Bien cocido.

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Ella es bonita, de estatura mediana y muy inteligente. Salgado el viernes? Yo voy a ir al cine con un amigo. Sandra es una chica muy alta.

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Sandra es estudiante. Sandra es la novia de Luis. Julio no va a la fiesta. Julio va a dar una conferencia. Julio va a ir al cine solo. Shall we dance?

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Catholics go to midnight mass misa del gallo. Instead of hanging up a stocking, children leave their shoes on the windowsill to be filled with presents.

Ayer soñe que podía, hoy puedo

This practice generally is more common than it is in the United States. Family ties are very strong in the Hispanic world. It is very popular around the world. Hablemos Interview a classmate, using the following questions. Complete the following, using the Spanish equivalent of the words in parentheses. Las fiestas en el club. Los estudiantes are going to live en Guatemala. Ana en Venezuela. Someone asks you to describe your best friend. You are having a party. Someone invites you to attend a lecture. Your friends are going to the movies. You tell a new acquaintance where and with whom you spend Christmas.

Bring pictures of your family and friends and pair up with a classmate to talk about them. Yo soy su favorita.