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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

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Lean Six Sigma Business Improvement Program Manager

Mc Nair. Pearson Education US. Software engineering. Their clear, start-to-finish roadmap is designed for successfully developing complex high-technology products and systems that require both software and hardware development.

Introduction to Six Sigma

DMAIC define, measure, analyze, improve, control is applied the same way in the information technology IT services sector as it was in manufacturing. Some of the challenges facing Six Sigma in the IT sector are:. Historically Six Sigma has been termed a project-based approach to improvements. Each project, however, could take between five weeks and six months.

In the IT services sector the length of the project is often too long to realize the benefits.

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Projects are completed, resources are re-aligned and team members are transferred to other teams or sent to onsite assignments. These changes affect the cohesiveness of improvement teams. Many Six Sigma projects are either delayed or canceled due to lack of participation. A revised approach to Six Sigma should include a DMAIC life cycle of not more than three weeks, and the complete Six Sigma project should not take longer than three to five weeks.

Topics Covered Include:

Six Sigma remains a project-based approach, but shortening the duration of the projects will eliminate frequent changes at the organization level, and teams will see projects through to completion. A successful Six Sigma program empowers employees with problem solving tools. The benefits of Six Sigma are realized when employees or teams use Six Sigma tools, methodologies and philosophies as part of their day-to-day activities. Though not project-based these improvements drive the true bottom-line. The IT services sector as a whole is still evolving when it comes to metrics. It is difficult to have a database created for a team, which results in a longer measure phase.

In the absence of data, personal opinions take over and adversely impact the effectiveness of the framework.

As projects stretch and lose their focus, teams lose faith in Six Sigma. The strength of Six Sigma lies in the data driven approach, hence it has to be supported by a well-implemented metrics program throughout the organization. With the inclusion of Lean in the Six Sigma framework, practitioners can use fewer data oriented tools.

Software engineering activities are largely manual and are greatly dependent on the skill of the developer. The IT sector is knowledge base driven — organizations are investing huge amounts of money in finding skills outside the organization or developing them internally.


Microprocessor Systems Design: Family Hardware, Software and Interfacing - PDF Free Download

The software engineering process rests heavily on manual processes. Results have some inherent inconsistencies because of the varying capabilities of individual developers. The new approach has to focus on automation and optimizing the learning curve.

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