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The new menu, available from May 1st, still pays homage to the traditional afternoon menu with warm scones with cream and jam, dainty sandwiches and classic pastries but executive chef, Dmitry Stroykov has put his own twist on things and guests can enjoy a more modern take on having tea in the afternoon with a contemporary selection of open sandwiches delicately finished with the likes of truffle aioli, chilli and onion relish and caper berries, decadently sweet cones filled with lemon and passion fruit mousse and chocolate brownies covered in Valrhona Chocolate.

Guests can choose from a selection of fine teas or for a special treat, Conrad Dublin has selected Lanson White Label Champagne to complement its afternoon tea offering. Food provenance features strongly on the new menu with ingredients sourced locally each day. For those with special dietary requirements, there is a special gluten-free afternoon tea menu where the existing exciting selection is exchanged for wheat-free delights. Bookings are required.

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