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Still following this? But something happened along the way: Amanda, once so unpredictable, became incredibly dull.

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Perhaps it was the birth of her baby, or her wedding, or her inability to think through a blackmail plot, but Amanda became a leaden weight affixed to the show. I only wish that Declan and Christa B. Or, alternatively, if there are no real emotional stakes? Season 1 was so thrilling and volatile because it initially held the promise of a resolution at the end of its season-long arc.

The White-Haired Man James Morrison , so tantalizingly creepy in his appearance last season, was felled pretty quickly.

Not knowing how long a show is going to run—which is typically the case in American television, which prizes both episode seasons and year runs—can cramp creativity by prioritizing longevity over stability. A limited-run series, one with a distinct beginning, middle, and end, reminds the viewer of the power of the close-ended form: the stakes can be much higher because no one character—either emotionally or physically—is safe.

Just as we know that Emily will never be killed nor Victoria, no matter what a cliffhanger ending might lead the viewer to believe , so too does the show reside in the valley of safety. Which is a shame, as Revenge seemed to want to embrace its dangerous nature and puncture viewer expectations, but it has lately become another predictable primetime soap.

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News Innovation Scouted Travel. What makes this a scary proposition for everyone else is that James is now surrounded by a teammate and president who are fierce competitors already. Pat Riley is going to have James frothing at the mouth once the season starts. No one, and I mean not a single individual in this league, can find a way to hype up a player the way Riley can. He will be delivering notes, historical quotes, and clips of his critics straight to James' locker, all the while reminding him of the mission he has embarked upon.

Isaiah For the day of vengeance was in My heart, and the year of My redemption had come.

Dwyane Wade predominantly displays a laid back attitude in interviews. He has an inviting personality and smile which helps him in regards to marketing and other public relations stuff. At his core Wade is an assassin. One who has already shown what he can do when he gets mad.

When he says, "I ain't going out like this," and then proceeds to single handily dismantle a Dallas Mavericks franchise that was poised to take a three games to none lead in the NBA Finals. The combination of an angry James and Wade is an intimidating prospect.

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They "might not know karate but they know ka-razy," and I feel bad for anyone on whom they set their aim. Opening night figures to be the debut of something special. The Celtics managed to eliminate Dwyane and LeBron from this year's playoffs, but Boston better be ready, because Wade and James are going to unleash an entire summer's worth of accumulated fury on them come October That trend will continue for the duration of the regular season and only figures to be taken up a notch come playoff time.

NBA Best "REVENGE" Moments

The best thing to do now is to run for cover. Fortunately for NBA fans that won't be an option for opposing teams. You just don't go and purposely piss off a person capable of humiliating and humbling an entire franchise and city in the matter of 48 minutes.

A Season of Vengeance: Its Payback Time

Yet that's exactly what Boston , Chicago and Orlando have done. With so few select words, James has declared that he will not be forgetting or forgiving anything or one. Before the season is done everything in his path will feel "The King's" wrath. Heat guard reportedly experienced a panic attack Thursday on team plane after consuming an edible.

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